Saturday, July 23, 2011

Are we supposed to recycle everything now?

First of all, let me say that I love the City of Phoenix and its recycling program.  Having lived in other places, I can tell you that this city goes out of its way to make recycling simple, convenient and comprehensive.  At our house, we now throw out about two 13 gallon bags of trash each week, but we recycle three times that amount, at least by volume.   However, I am now wondering if they have become the victims of their own success.  They recently sent out these helpful cards clarifying what can and cannot be recycled.  Here's what the card looks like: 

Now, I realize that the list of what can be recycled includes items that might be surprising to some people, but was it really necessary to remind us to not recycle the babies? Are people actually trying to do this? Why is there a baby on this card? I'm guessing that it's because they don't want you trying to recycle used diapers, but that's not even mentioned on the list of "Nots." Did they want to draw our attention to the "Nots" by luring us with an image of a cute baby?  Even the baby has a 'surprised to be here' look on his face. 

In the spirit of public service, I would just like to make the following announcement:

Citizens of Phoenix and elsewhere, please be advised that no municipality is currently accepting babies with other recycling material.  Your best bet is to try again, and hope the next one turns out better. 


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  1. the real question is... can you recycle the recycle cards?