Friday, July 8, 2011

Meditation on Fear

Having just left behind a career as a teacher to become a writer has left me thinking about fear and facing the unknown.  Teaching was the only real career I actually chose to try. I’ve worked plenty of jobs, but we all know the difference between a job and a career:  a job is about the paycheck, and a career is about making a mark.  I think the biggest reason it took me so long to even try to start a career (39 years) is because I have always been afraid of making a mark.   And so we come right back to fear again.  Looking back, it is amazing to me just how much influence fear has had over the decisions I’ve made in life.  More about that later.  However, these reflections have motivated me to write the following.

Meditation on Fear 

Fear will not control me
I am greater than my fears
Fear is not who I am
Fear seeks to prevent me from realizing who I am
Fear kills not only the mind, but also the heart and the soul
Evil is done when fear stops me from doing what I know is right
Fear only has as much power as I give it from myself
The unknown does not need to be feared
Change does not need to be feared
Failure does not need to be feared
The only thing I need to fear is not knowing myself
and not being true to who I am
The universe does not want to destroy me
I am connected to a power that makes all things possible
Fear must return to its proper place
Irrational fear must die

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