Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Just having a little Fun.

Congratulations to Fun., who won two Grammys Sunday night.  They won for Best New Artist, and for Best Song of the Year for “We Are Young.”

Just how young are they?  Rumor has it that after winning their awards, they bumped into veteran rocker – and inveterate practical joker – Neil Young backstage.  Seeing their Grammys, Neil casually mentioned how the phonograph-shaped statuettes were actual size, and that if they wanted to, they could chip off the golden coating, and play records on them.  

The trio was later seen at the Warner’s after party, scraping the awards with swag bottle openers, and accosting music industry insiders and celebrities alike to find out if they “had any vinyl in their pockets.”
Seriously, congrats to the band, and especially Nate Ruess, who grew up in Glendale and went to Deer Valley High School.  There is a rumor floating around the internet that Nate and I attended Brophy Prep together; but both the New Times and The Republic confirm that he attended Deer Valley, while I attended Brophy.  In completely unrelated decades.

However, it’s possible I delivered the mail once or twice to his house back when he was still practicing in his garage, and I was delivering the mail to the box at the end of the driveway.  Not that I’m claiming all the credit for your success, Nate.  Maybe three percent, no more.  Alright, make it two.  What’s that?  Oh, so that’s how it is?  Fine, be that way.  I always liked Neon Trees better anyway.

Every day on my way to take my daughter to school we pass a vacant building.  It used to be either a sports bar, or a seniors' fitness place; I’m not sure which because I can never tell those two kinds of places apart.  Anyway, all the signage on this building has since been removed, or covered up, or painted over, except for one little word:

So at least twice a day I pass by this building and I think of Fun..  

Well, what would you think of?    

Hmmm.  Maybe there’s a connection between the two.  Now that I think of it, ever since someone forgot to paint over that one little word, the band has gone on to have several #1 songs, a top ten album, and now, 2 Grammys.  If I were Fun., I’d seriously consider buying that building, just to ensure that it stays that way forever.  I mean, how terrible would it be if something were to happen to that word, and then the band just falls off the face of the earth?  It could happen.  Just ask Fountains of Wayne.  Things were going great for them after “Stacy’s Mom.” Then they lost their fountain, and shortly after that, Wayne, and no one’s heard from them since...

So take heed, Fun..  Fame can be fickle, and greater bands than yours have been sucked off into the Phantom Zone for ignoring their superstitious impulses.  And remember the Bud Light commercial:  

Cue the Stevie Wonder. 

So, call me if you need the address, Nate.  My dad was a realtor for a long time, so I’m pretty sure I’m legal to handle all the necessary paperwork if you decide to purchase the property.  For a percent, of course.  Or two.

There’s just one thing that’s bothering me about that sign on the building...

There, that’s better.  Gee, I hope it doesn’t mess things up for them. 

Well, if nothing else, they can always use it for their next album cover.    

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  1. One of Amy's favorite band. She actually cheered when they beat out One Direction for Best New Artist - much to the chagrin of her older sister. :)