Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mystic Monologue

Follow me…follow me…follow me…


Follow me…follow me…follow me…

Hello?  Who is this?

Do you hear me?  Are you listening?

Yes, I can hear, although it sounds like we have a bad connection… I can barely hear you.

There’s nothing wrong with the connection; you’re just learning how to listen.

Who are you?

I am your soul.

My soul?

Yes.  Do you hear me?

Yes, I guess so.

Follow me.


If you believed that I am real, you would not need to ask where.  Do you not believe that I am?

I…I don’t know.  I mean, I think I’ve always believed in the idea of having a soul…

You think.  Ideas.  Yes, you have many ideas, don’t you?  But not many beliefs.  Isn’t that so?

I suppose that’s true… Is that a bad thing?

That depends on the beliefs.  

Well, doesn’t the very fact that we’re having this conversation tell you that, on some level, I must believe that I have a soul? 

That is a very smart answer, which is not the same as a good one.  I don’t know, does it tell you that?

I guess so. 

Follow me.

But why now?  After all these years, why, all of a sudden, are you speaking to me now?

Well, that seems rather self-evident, doesn’t it?  Because you are listening, of course.

So, I had to start listening before you would speak to me?  Isn’t that kind of backwards?  Wouldn’t it have been better for you to speak first, so that I knew there was something to listen to?

I was speaking; you weren’t listening.

So you’ve been speaking to me all along?

Always and forever.

And I just wasn’t hearing it?

Or listening.

So what happened?  What changed that now I can suddenly hear you, or listen to you, or whatever it is that I’m doing?

You ran out of options.

What does that mean?

To put it simply, you wore yourself out.  You spent your whole life pursuing what you thought was the highest and best part of yourself, only to discover it didn’t have any of the answers you were looking for.  Not the real answers, not the ones that matter in the end. 

What do you mean, the ‘best part of myself?’  What part was that?

The part that you clung to most desperately, and depended on so thoroughly to the exclusion of everything else. Your great sin. 

What?  What was it?!  I don’t understand!

Understanding is half of the problem.  And then you finally realized that this was the very thing that was confining you, limiting you, and ultimately, failing you.  And you had to let go of it.  Even though you felt like you had nowhere else to go.  Do you remember that?

In the stillness that followed, in the absence of any possible alternative, you began to listen, and hear.

But what was it I let go of?

The mind can be as jealous a god as any.

So you’re telling me my problem is that I think too much?

And expect too much from it.

But I believe that our minds are the greatest gifts we’ve been given. 

That is your belief.  But your mind is not the greatest gift you’ve been given.  The greatest gift you’ve been given is your connection to the highest truth, to the Will that drives the universes; speaking modestly, me.

This doesn’t make sense to me…

Again, sense is half of the problem.

I don’t get it.  God gave us brains so that we would use them, didn’t He?  Why else give them to us?

Yes, of course the mind is a terribly great and powerful instrument, and it is there to help understand what is mentally understandable, and of that there is a vast amount.  But it was never intended to be the only instrument, or even the primary instrument, to entrust yourself to. 

You’re talking about the heart?  

The heart is but the intermediary between the self and the soul. 

I don’t even know what that means.

Again, knowledge is-

-half the problem.  Yeah, I get it already.  So what am I supposed to do?  Ignore my desire for knowledge and understanding?  Ignore my brain and my mind and everything that happens up there completely?

The mind was ever meant to serve the soul, not be a replacement for it.

So you’re telling me I should follow you, my soul, blindly from here on out, and disregard everything my brain tells me?  Is that what you’re asking me to do?

Keep your mind.  Use it actively.  Seek the truth in this world with it.  But don’t expect it to do something it was not designed to do.  It cannot answer the questions that matter most.  I am your connection to the everlasting divine.  The more you believe in me, the more trust you have in me, the more you will see.  I will lead you to places, and to knowledges and understandings that your mind cannot reach on its own. 

Yeah, well that all sounds pretty convenient.  I trust you, and you give me all the answers. 

I do not promise answers, but I do promise new questions.  Questions that you are likely to find more productive.  That appeals to you, doesn’t it?

Yes.  I have to admit, I could do with some new questions.  But, even right now, it’s so hard to hear you.  How do I stay in touch with you?

Like anything else; practice.  Keep the sacred stillness.  Stillness is essential.  When you are still, I can be heard.  When you are not still, you are putting your will before mine, and then I cannot be heard.

Wait.  You just said ‘my will.’  Why would you say that?  You’re my soul, you’re not God Himself… Are you?

I did.  I do.  I will. 

What does that mean?

Seek and you shall find.  Keep the sacred stillness.  You are loved. 

That’s all great, but now what am I supposed to do? 

Follow me.

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