Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December Wind

If you are in need of a respite from all the holiday cheer, step this way...

December Wind

A cold December wind is blowing
I hear it as it moans
Another year’s harsh death is coming
I feel it in my bones

I step out from the overhang
Into the early dark
The wind has buried the bells that rang
The preacher’s last remark

The bite tonight comes quick and hard
A chill sent to the source
It seeks to sink its icy shard
And take my spark by force

The steadfast homes are in a line
Doors closed against the storm
Buttered light from gauzed windows shine
Inside they must be warm

I pull my coat around me tight
And pull my collar closed
But it helps no more on this dark night
Than poetry or prose

The street ends now - beyond is blind -
From here I must descend
And leave the ones I love behind
And with the wind contend

1 comment:

  1. Wow! A great poem in its own right, but with the thought of Kent lingering, the perspective becomes more profound.